Dianne & Pat's Wedding Preview at the Blue Mountains

Dianne & Pat’s Wedding Preview at the Blue Mountains

The night before Dianne and Pat’s wedding, I made my way to the Echo Point vantage point overlooking the Three Sisters. As I enjoyed the last few seconds of sunlight, I became acutely aware of the distinct silence that had accompanied the picturesque scene. A simple thought occurred to me – moments like this need no narration or dramatic soundtrack, they are perfect as they are.


The next day, joined by friends and family (including two very special four legged family members) Dianne and Pat exchanged vows, with the vista I had enjoyed the night before serving as a breathtaking backdrop to their union… although admittedly, it was a little windier than the previous night.

Every small detail of the wedding, from the relaxed lead-up and procession to Pat’s casual and light-hearted speech, stirred the same sentiments from the previous night. To put it simply their quiet confidence and stillness spoke volumes about them.

Thank you Pat and Dianne for having me along for your big day. Best wishes for a happy and healthy life together 🙂


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