Frequently Asked Questions

I know. You’ve got questions! Sometimes, a good discussion is the best way to answer your questions, for this reason I encourage you to contact me directly to discuss my services in open dialog.

Some questions about Canberra wedding photographers come up more often than others, so a few of the most commonly asked wedding photography questions are answered below for your consideration:

Q: “Why should I hire a professional canberra wedding photographer?”

It’s easy to assume that all it takes to become a wedding photographer is a nice camera and a creative eye. After all, this is what most of us see on the big day. However, a professional wedding photographer does a lot more than just turn up on the day and snap some photos of your wedding.

Exceptional wedding photography requires very specific creative and technical skills, combined with a great deal of planning and preparation.

Professional Canberra wedding photographers will:

  • Take the time to personally consult with you to understand all of the important details of your wedding day, as well as your needs and expectations.
  • Scout wedding locations beforehand, noting photographic opportunities (and challenges).
  • Plan and mold your wedding photography coverage to fit in with your wedding schedule, so as to impose as few interruptions to your big day as possible.
  • Know and can suggest options for the best formal Canberra wedding photography locations, based on the distance from the wedding, venue, the quality of light for a given time of day, and the current season.
  • Understand and will help you calm your nerves.
  • Know how to pose you naturally during your formal photos in a way to highlight your best features to make the best images possible.
  • Have the experience to work quickly and proficiently, as you will be constrained for time on the day.
  • Have the knowledge, equipment and experience to deal with the uncertain and unexpected.
  • Work hard to intelligently protect your wedding images, using a robust backup plan.
  • Take significant time putting the finishing touches on your images, such as colour correction and blemish removal. A specialised set of post processing skills is essential to do this well.
  • Know how to tell and present compelling visual story… your story!

To do the above well, some serious time and effort is needed on the photographer’s part, and is what sets great wedding photography apart from the rest.

Q: “Who is the best Canberra wedding photographer?”

Me. Next question…

Okay, so in all seriousness this is a difficult and very subjective question; the answer to which will differ depending on who you ask.

Some people believe it is the person with the most awards and accolades handed out by the various institutions and other “authorities”. Others base their opinion on the photographer’s techniques or their “photographic religion”. For example, “Mr X… is the best because he only shoots with natural light”.

My most honest answer to the question “who is the best wedding photographer in Canberra?” is… the one you like best! That’s right, trust yourself, and your own opinion. One thing to keep in mind though, is that in many ways hiring a wedding photographer is like hiring any other professional, and that some due diligence will help you avoid disappointment. Which brings us to the next question…

Q: “What should I do, or be aware of when looking for a wedding photographer?”

Here are some guidelines that may help you make an informed decision, when you are trying to choose from the long list of Canberra wedding photographers:

Look at the photographers work. Which photographic styles appeals to you? Do the wedding images “talk” to you? It is also important to see work that is representative of a whole wedding. Understandably, most photographer’s will want to showcase their best work. However, it is also important that you get a look at photos spanning a whole day. This is very important to get a feel for the photographer’s versatility and ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Next, meet up and talk with the photographer. Look for the things that are important to you in a photographer. For example, are they honest and upfront? Are they attentive to your needs and concerns? Your wedding photographer will most likely be with you for the majority of your wedding day, and if you have trouble getting along with them, it will most likely show in the photos. Remember the old saying – “the camera looks both ways”.

Gauge the photographer’s professionalism. While it’s great to have a fun wedding photographer that you get along with really well, it’s also a good idea to make sure the photographer takes his/her responsibilities seriously. Great communication; having all of the necessary paperwork; proper insurance; and timely and professional invoicing are some indicators that the photographer is serious about their business as well as their photography.

Get a feel for their experience and expertise. This can be a hard one to gauge for a someone who is new to photography, and could be one area that proven experience and credentials can provide confidence. It may also be a good idea to check if the photographer is well prepared in case of equipment loss or failure. There is nothing more horrific than images getting lost, or equipment failing mid event!

Q: “Will I receive every photo you take on my wedding day?”

Part of my services as a professional Canberra wedding photographer is to quality check every photo I’ve taken of your wedding, and to cull images that don’t “make the grade”. This process involves selectively removing photos that depict awkward moments and expressions (images of people blinking etc), especially when there is another more appropriate photo of the same scene/moment.

This quality control process is an essential part of my “quality over quantity” approach, and ensures you will receive a refined and quality product. Rest assured though, you will still receive plenty of images!

Q: “Will you provide me with all of my digital wedding photos on DVD/CD?”

Yes. All wedding photography packages include all of your high resolution digital negatives delivered on DVD.

Q: “How long after the wedding will I receive my wedding photos?”

You will receive your wedding photos between six to eight (6-8) weeks after your wedding day.