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Dianne & Pat's Wedding Preview at the Blue Mountains

Dianne & Pat’s Wedding Preview at the Blue Mountains

The night before Dianne and Pat’s wedding, I made my way to the Echo Point vantage point overlooking the Three Sisters. As I enjoyed the last few seconds of sunlight, I became acutely aware of the distinct silence that had accompanied the picturesque scene. A simple thought occurred to me – moments like this need […]

Sinead & Murray's Wedding Preview at Gold Creek

Sinead & Murray’s Wedding Preview at Gold Creek

With family and friends in attendance, Sinead and Murray tied the knot at the iconic Gold Creek Chapel in Canberra. The Hall Pavilion was the idyllic setting for a relaxed, country-styled reception. Guests let their hair down, tearing up the dance floor and enjoying the outdoor lounges, which were cleverly and appropriately fashioned from hay […]

Marisol & Matthew's Wedding Preview at Stromlo Observatory

Marisol & Matthew’s Wedding Preview at Stromlo Observatory

I was really looking forward to this wedding.  From the get-go. Marisol told me they had some unconventional ideas in mind, especially for the Canberra scene. In fact, very little about this couple can be considered “conventional” and that’s just the way Marisol and Matt like it! The day’s events included a first look; fairy […]

Cindy & Steven's Engagement Session

Cindy & Steven’s Engagement Session

Every year Canberra’s cherry blossom trees spring to life filling the city with colour. This most welcomed change of scenery is quite a special event not to be missed, as the sakura blooms last only about a week or two. I don’t know if Cindy and Steven normally spend much time throwing pine cones around […]

In the News: Lisa and Michael in the Chronicle

In the News: Lisa and Michael in the Chronicle

A wedding photo from one of my favourite Canberra venues, The National Arboretum recently featured in a Chronicle article. Looking good, Lisa and Michael 🙂

Lisa & Michael's Wedding

Lisa & Michael’s Wedding

Ceremony Venue: National Arboretum Canberra

Erin & Simon's Wedding

Erin & Simon’s Wedding

Following on from their fantastic engagement session, I knew Erin and Simon’s wedding would be a very special event. During their intimate ceremony at St Francis Xavier Church, Father Mark Croker highlighted the couple’s kind and respectful personalities, as well as their strong bond with each other. Based on my own personal interaction with them, […]

Grace & James' Wedding

Grace & James’ Wedding

Grace and James tied the knot at the picturesque lakeside location that is the Canberra Yacht Club in Yarralumla. The beautifully casual ceremony spoke volumes about Grace and James’ relationship. Their friendship and devotion to each other was clearly evident, and a pleasure to witness. The weather held through the ceremony as per the forecast […]

Marisol & Matthew's engagement Session

Marisol & Matthew’s engagement Session

I have learned much since making Marisol and Matt’s acquaintance. Their unique personalities and backgrounds make them intensely interesting people, with many wonderful facts and tidbits of information to share. “What the heck are biscuits and gravy?”, I found myself blurting out at one point… A quick wikipedia search afterwards revealed they do in fact […]

Jade & David's Wedding

Jade & David’s Wedding

It was a picture perfect day as Jade and David tied the knot at St. Raphael’s Catholic Church. As the day continued, I had the privilege of seeing the newlyweds (mostly through a viewfinder) enjoy their day with family and friends, many of whom had traveled from interstate to attend. Speaking of enjoyment, these folks […]