When the topic of wedding photography comes up, often the discussion can gravitate towards camera brand, lenses, and other gear. As important as these aspects are, and as much as I love talking about them – to me the most important things are:

The Image

I “do” photography because I understand the importance of an image. This true realisation only came after having lost a photograph of my childhood, an item that held extreme sentimental value to me. Unfortunately, the photo is gone, and with time the visual memory will most likely follow. Not unlike a good bottle of wine, a good photograph seems to improve and become more valuable with age.

The Union

I choose to do wedding photography because I respect the union of marriage, and the celebration of the unique bond between two people. There are few other events in our lives that hold as much meaning, or evoke as much emotion as the union between two people.

I think about what wedding images will mean over time. What small details will be important to look back on and what stories the photographs will “tell” the following generations.


Stories are all about perspective…

~ I see the familiar nervous, excited expression on her face – I am reminded of the photo of her first day of school.
~ She laughs as her best friend dutifully adjusts her dress. Her eyes, alive and animated.
~ She is comforted by a reassuring hand on her arm ~ She is reminded that everything will work out.
~ The light falls on her face perfectly, as she carefully makes her way down the aisle.


Your story and memories will be unique. My goal and highest priority is to capture your moments uniquely, with authenticity and integrity. To create images that you will love and to evoke memories. To retell your story in vivid detail. Oh, and to have plenty of fun in the process :)!